About me

As a Notary Public I am regulated by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury and I am a member of the Notaries Society. I offer appointments either at my office or at a location of your choice by prior arrangement. I am also a Solicitor and director of the law firm G&D Solicitors. For information about the services of the firm please visit the gdsolicitors.london website.

What is a Notary Public?

Notaries are the oldest branch of the legal profession. They are appointed and regulated by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Most notaries, like myself are also solicitors who have obtained an additional qualification as a Notary Public.
Notaries are recognised as a responsible legal officer in most countries around the world, the office of a Notary in England & Wales carries great international authority and regard. As a highly legally trained and entirely impartial witness, Notaries are primarily concerned with the authentication and certification of signatures, authority and capacity relating to documents for use abroad.

Seeing a Notary

Obviously, each case must be different but usually, I will:

  • Expect you to make an appointment
  • Need you to bring evidence of identity. Generally this will have to be a current valid passport and something like a council tax or electricity bill to confirm address.
  • Need to be satisfied that you understand any document, particularly a document which is not in English.
  • Want to see any relevant papers or documents that relate to the matter.
  • Ideally like to see a copy of your document prior to your appointment.

What does it cost?

There are no set charges, for most matters I should be able to tell you my fee in advance. For more complex matters I will tell you how this fee will be assessed. It is usually based on how long I will have to work on your matter. There may be fees to pay third parties, such as Foreign Office or an Embassy.

How long will it take?

If the document is straightforward, already prepared and in the correct form I am likely to need to see you for a minimum of 15-20 minutes and complete it in half an hour. Obviously, it takes longer if the document is not straightforward, or if I have to draw up the documents or make a proper copy.

Many countries want documents to be countersigned by their London Embassies (legislation) and this will take several days unless you want to take them to the Embassy in person and wait in line. The fees and procedure for this vary widely but I should be able to give you a reasonably accurate idea of the time and cost.

Mobile Notary Service

I keep normal office hours. However, I can make arrangements to see you out of hours or out of the office if it is really necessary. This may cost more and take longer. If I am away or unavailable my office should be able to contact another notary for you, but you may have to travel some distance.